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The HPI Model 2010 is a Remote Area Monitoring System for penetrating radiation. It consists of a number of wall monitors connected to a console unit. The system permits real time observation and recording of radiation levels at critical locations in facilities which have the potential of producing high dose rates in areas which can be occupied. These areas are found around reactors, accelerators, source ranges, hot labs, nuclear fuel handling facilities, radiation therapy rooms or any facility using large quantities of radioactive materials.

The Remote Area Monitor is an independent monitor designed for permanent mounting. It measures the radiation level, continually displays the doserate directly in absorbed dose rate units, displays the status of the monitor, alarms if the dose rate exceeds the preset level, and periodically transmits the information to the Console. The tissue equivalent detectors measure the absorbed dose rate for all penetrating radiation. Fail safe and self test features have been designed into the system and the construction is ruggedized and splash proof.

The wide range of five decades and the door and source interlock capability, enable the monitor to be used as a warning or barrier for high radiation areas as well as a low level monitor for occupied areas.


Dimensions: Detector head Unit: 6" x 6" x 17" w/o bracket, 6.1" x 8" x 17" with bracket, Display Unit: 13" x 10" x 4.5", w/o bracket, 13" x 10" x 11 “ with bracket
Weight: Head Unit: 9 pounds, Display Unit: 13 pounds
Case: Painted aluminum
External Controls: Alarm Test (PB), Trip point (PB)

Type: Sealed tissue equivalent ionization chamber
Wall: Tissue Equivalent Plastic, A-1 50 or A-1 74 Shonka Plastic 0.070" thick
Gas: Tissue Equivalent mixture, one atmosphere
Volume: 1031 cc 25.8 cc 5.2 cc
Range: 0.1 -9999.9 mrad/h 0.1 -9999.9 rad/h 0.01 -999.99 krad/h
or 1-99999 mrad/h
Collection Voltage: 1000 v 1000 v 300 V

Display: Five digit LED 1 “ characters, behind red filter. Left hand zeros blanked except for one before decimal point. Only three significant figures presented, zeros are substituted for the fourth or fifth figures.
Display update period: 3.95 seconds; Status Board: High intensity LED
Power Required: 110 to 120 VAC, 47 to 440 Hz, 1 amp fuse
Internal Controls: Head Unit: zero, calibrate. RAM Unit: (under lock) Test, Alarm light rep rate, Alarm Horn rep rate, 5 trip level thumb switches, Power, Reset, Alarm, Mode, Range, Units
Alarm: Visual: two lamp red, one dim long life, one bright short life. Audio - Piezo electric, 85 dbA at 10 ft @ 2.8 kHz steady or intermittent
Serial Data Output to Console: RS232C

Remote readout, remote alarms, remote detectors


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